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Organizational and Corporate Culture Coach and Speaker A world-renowned keynote speaker, author of Culture Hacker, and television personality, Shane Green is a business magnate who consults global Fortune 500 leaders on customer experience and organizational culture. Shane draws upon his foundation at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and his work in multiple industries to transform your employees’ mindsets, experience, and habits to improve the customer experience, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Culture Hacker Training One

Culture: More Than Just an HR Thing“Company culture shapes every minute of the workday and every decision that is made.”– Taylor Smith, CEO & Cofounder of BlueboardWelcome to the Culture Hacker Blog Series where I help organizations to reprogram their employee experiences for improved organizational culture.So, what is culture? I consider it the collective mindset [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Two

Values – Not Some Philosophical B.S."Culture is a consequence of a company's values."– Charles Day, Founder of Looking GlassLet’s discuss your organizational values, which I believe are the foundation of your company culture. While values are often dismissed as some philosophical B.S., they may be the single most important cultural mechanism within a company.Why are [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Three

Selection: The Right Fit Over a Warm BodyIn Culture Hacker, we focus on elevating the employee experience and improving engagement. While everyone seems to focus on improving engagement, we believe in taking a broader perspective – one that takes into consideration that a part of the engagement problem is the inability to select the right [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Four

Orientation and On-boarding: Your Sink-or-Swim StrategyIs a Terrible Waste of TalentIn today’s blog, let’s consider the orientation process. I see organizations investing heavily in getting the right people hired, but then failing to introduce, immerse, and train them correctly to support the talent’s future success. Many companies or departments adopt a sink-or-swim strategy, whereby they [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Five

Performance Management: Enabling and Empowering Your Team to Do Their Jobs RightToday, I want to talk about performance enablement and empowerment, though traditionally the conversation would be around performance management. I believe we need to stop managing performance because just from the definition of management, which is about “controlling and making decisions”, we are hindering [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Seven

Utilize Consistent Coaching for Enhanced PerformanceToday, I want to talk about coaching, and more specifically, providing feedback. Feedback, by definition, is a process by which information is given to a person about the outcome of an action, process, or activity. Feedback plays a critical role in developing, retaining, and inspiring your employees. Unfortunately, only 21% [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Eight

Making Recognition Effective and Meaningful for Your StaffToday I want to talk about recognition. In previous blogs, we have talked about how many aspects of formal feedback lack credibility and meaning due to a lack of informal feedback or regular casual conversations, and unfortunately, most recognition programs are no different. This is a shame, because [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Nine

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Customer Experiences in Wedding PreparationsPlanning a wedding has uncovered some interesting learning points in terms of customer experience. As I get ready to head out of the office to my wedding in Utah and honeymoon in Southeast Asia, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on how what I’ve [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Ten

Engaging Your Employees by Focusing on Their Career DevelopmentToday we are going to talk career development, the thing most employees want and need to talk about, but few organizations and managers seem to make a priority. Many organizations and executives understand the importance of career planning, but don’t designate resources or take time to help [...]

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Culture Hacker Training Eleven

Communication – The Most Important Leadership ToolWhen it comes to company culture and leadership effectiveness, there might not be a more important tool than communication. A lack of communication can result in a myriad of undesirable outcomes including decreased productivity, lower morale, more mistakes, and decreased innovation to name a few. Unfortunately, communication may be [...]

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