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Shane has developed a reputation as one of the world’s premier culture hackers based on his ability to understand and reprogram outdated thinking, mindsets, values and beliefs, which define the environment in which people work. His experience in hospitality, automotive, retail and professional sports has led to significant customer experience transformations that are emulated around the world.


Culture Hacker is defined as the collective mindset and attitude of your employees. The mindset an employee brings to work every day determines how they will take care of your customers, how much effort they will put into their work, and whether or not they will stay with you long term.

The impact of a negative culture within an organization is tremendous. Bad customer interactions, high turnover, and underperforming employees cost organizations–depending on their size–thousands, millions, and even billions of dollars. The research from across industries is clear–when your employees are more engaged, your company is more productive and profitable, leading to better shareholder returns.

The question is not do you have a culture; the question is, do you have a culture that will engage your employees, delight your customers, and deliver the required returns to your shareholders or owners?

Culture Hacker is a methodology to help understand your current employees’ mindsets, designing a strategy to elevate their experience, and then executing through a thoughtful and peaceful change process. Culture Hacker is proven to improve your customer satisfaction, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Shane Green and his team utilize this philosophy and are ready to assist you to get your customer satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity to levels enjoyed by some of the most recognized and successful companies today. Let us help you reprogram your employee experience to build a culture that your employees and customers rave about.


The Culture Hacker Assessment is designed to provide an organization with a current score of their employees’ experience and current mindset. Based on hundreds of company engagements, Shane Green has developed this comprehensive assessment of your employees’ experience and the subsequent organizational culture. The assessment includes an employee survey; a detailed collection of materials and tools that impact and influence an employee’s daily routine; and one-on-one interviews with a selection of employees, managers, and executives. The total timeframe for the Culture Hacker Assessment is 12 weeks or less.

Leadership Program

Shane Green is able to offer companies a customized online platform with training modules, solutions, and tools to support the ongoing health of the employee experience and company culture. The program is designed to provide front line managers with the skills, habits, and understanding to develop a positive team culture. The program includes:

• Customized modules based on your company’s values and ways your managers need to align with them.

• Videos, articles, and examples of how managers can elevate their employees’ experience to improve customer service, retention, and productivity.

• Invitations to webinars and online workshops hosted by Shane Green and his culture hacker team.

• A series of customized tools that managers can utilize within their daily, weekly, and monthly routines. Tools include customized behavioral questions for interviewing, an onboarding plan, performance appraisal templates, action plan templates, recognition tools, training modules for better customer experiences, daily meeting cards, and guidelines/reminders on how to lead in a variety of situations.

• The ability to “Ask a Culture Hacker” when a manager is challenged by their employees, results, or business to deliver more. The culture hacker team will provide ongoing accessibility and support to enable and empower your management team.


Check out Shane Green’s revolutionary podcast to hear cutting-edge best practices from today’s thought leaders. Shane hosts an impressive cadre of business owners and executives who dive deep into company culture issues to share relevant case studies, compelling data, and opportunities for improvement that others can act upon.

What Are They Saying?

“Shane Green has always been the go-to source for making company culture a strategic tool for success. With Culture Hacker, he opens up his playbook-a must-read for anyone building a new company or managing an existing company.”

REHAN CHOUDHRY, Founder and CEO of Life is Beautiful and A Beautiful Perspective
“Shane provides proof of what I’ve said for years: ‘If you get the culture right, everything else in your business will be easier.’ Even better, he gives us specific actions to take along with unique and effective methods to implement.”
JACK DALY, Amazon.com's Bestselling Author of The Sales Playbook: For Hyper Sales Growth
“Shane sets out the most critical principle of organizational success–that engaged employees equal engaged customers. This book is critical in reminding leaders of this imperative…”
CHRIS ROEBUCK, Professor and Author of Effective Delegation and Lead to Succeed

“Company culture, whether for a startup or a Fortune 500, is the most defensible and differentiating asset you can create. It defines your potential to innovate, grow, compete, and succeed. Shane offers a clear and concise roadmap…”


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