Keynote Speaking

As a speaker, author, and television host Shane has been defined as a motivational and evocative leader who clearly and concisely translates complex messages for diverse audiences. He is able to engage thousands of participants at once, but can also deliver private executive workshops that catalyze business leaders.

Audiences find him inspirational, frank, and passionate as he challenges their mindsets, values, and beliefs around customer experience and organizational culture. His simple insights and rules to lead and run a business have been adopted and utilized across many industries. His energetic and straightforward style has made him one of the most sought-after corporate speakers in North America, today.

Shane’s insights, inspiration, and compelling style have been shared at conferences, corporate engagements, executive retreats, and universities around the world.

His book, Culture Hacker, is the guide to improving customer service, employee retention, and organizational performance. The book’s lessons and insights are transformed with Shane’s energetic, straightforward style into a compelling keynote delivery that has been described as inspirational and transformative.

As an experienced Travel Channel television host, Shane brings a global perspective on customer experience, travel, and the impact of company culture. His show, Resort Rescue, was viewed around the world and recognized for its hospitality and business insights. His unique interviewing style and his ability to put guests at ease make him an influential host who can control the outcome of any interview. He consistently delivers memorable moments that inspire audiences and reshape the thinking of his interviewees.

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Shane has developed a reputation as one of the world’s premier culture hackers based on his ability to understand and reprogram outdated thinking, mindsets, values and beliefs, which define the environment in which people work. His experience in hospitality, automotive, retail and professional sports has led to significant customer experience transformations that are emulated around the world.

What Are They Saying?

“Shane Green has always been the go-to source for making company culture a strategic tool for success. With Culture Hacker, he opens up his playbook-a must-read for anyone building a new company or managing an existing company.”

REHAN CHOUDHRY, Founder and CEO of Life is Beautiful and A Beautiful Perspective
“Shane provides proof of what I’ve said for years: ‘If you get the culture right, everything else in your business will be easier.’ Even better, he gives us specific actions to take along with unique and effective methods to implement.”
JACK DALY,'s Bestselling Author of The Sales Playbook: For Hyper Sales Growth
“Shane sets out the most critical principle of organizational success–that engaged employees equal engaged customers. This book is critical in reminding leaders of this imperative…”
CHRIS ROEBUCK, Professor and Author of Effective Delegation and Lead to Succeed

“Company culture, whether for a startup or a Fortune 500, is the most defensible and differentiating asset you can create. It defines your potential to innovate, grow, compete, and succeed. Shane offers a clear and concise roadmap…”


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Connect with Shane to learn more about the Culture Hacker philosophy. Whether you are planning a keynote event, an executive retreat or private consultation, Shane would love to be a part of your plan to create a better company culture.