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Most organizations, and managers, believe that ongoing learning and development for their people is important for their growth, improved performance and overall business success. As a result, companies around the world invest significantly in training each year, with over $366 billion spent in 2018. Training budgets increased significantly in 2019, and research suggests that the role of learning and development (L&D) will broaden in 2020.

However, despite this belief, focus and investment, many organizations fail at implementing the type of learning culture and training experience that will truly elevate performance and provide significant returns on investment (ROIs). While most managers say they believe training is important, they typically consider the implementation and execution of L&D in their organization to be less than effective. In fact, HBR states that 75% of managers (registration required) are dissatisfied with their company’s L&D function. Why the disconnect? Based on our experience developing learning strategies and cultures with companies, we’ve found six critical L&D problems that exist in many organizations today.

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