One of the Most Powerful Tools for Enhancing Your Team’s Mindset and Attitude

Today, I want to talk about recognition. In previous blogs, we have analyzed how many aspects of formal feedback lack credibility and meaning because employees do not receive informal feedback or regular, casual conversations regarding their performance. Unfortunately, most recognition programs are equally ineffective; however, recognition is one of your most powerful mechanisms to reinforce [...]

One of the Most Powerful Tools for Enhancing Your Team’s Mindset and Attitude2018-04-24T01:00:27+00:00

Values: Not Some Philosophical B.S.

"Culture is a consequence of a company's values." – Charles Day, Founder of Looking Glass   Let’s discuss your organizational values, which I believe are the foundation of your company culture. While values are often dismissed as some philosophical B.S., they may be the single most important cultural mechanism within a company. Why are they [...]

Values: Not Some Philosophical B.S.2021-02-04T21:52:43+00:00

Values—Not Some Philosophical BS

Welcome to the 2nd blog in our Culture Hacker series for 2016. In this blog, I will discuss the importance of values and the fact that they are not some philosophical BS (which are the exact words I have heard used on more than one occasion). While they are dismissed by many managers, I am here [...]

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How to Develop Your Cultural Architecture

There are two key elements to defining your culture; the values a person believes in and the behaviors a person should demonstrate. To define your culture with your team, you can brainstorm together. Provide your team with at least a week to think about the three most important qualities a person possesses or believes in [...]

How to Develop Your Cultural Architecture2015-10-26T23:25:26+00:00
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