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Values: Not Some Philosophical B.S.

"Culture is a consequence of a company's values." – Charles Day, Founder of Looking Glass   Let’s discuss your organizational values, which I believe are the foundation of your company culture. While values are often dismissed as some philosophical B.S., they may be the single most important cultural mechanism within a company. Why are they [...]

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Leadership – How Managers Really Inspire Their People to Want

Welcome back to the Culture Hacker blog series on how to reprogram the company code and employee engagement. Please catch up on my previous blogs, because they introduce, discuss, and provide insights into how to refresh and evolve a culture by looking at the different mechanisms that impact the mindset and attitude of the staff. [...]

Leadership – How Managers Really Inspire Their People to Want2016-10-27T04:43:01+00:00

Your Four Customer Experience Priorities

According to a 2014 Gartner survey, 89% of businesses will compete mainly on customer experience by 2016 versus 36% four years ago. So it would seem that most owners and managers are getting the message on the importance of customer experience to their brand’s future success. That’s the good news. The bad news is that [...]

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How to Develop Your Cultural Architecture

There are two key elements to defining your culture; the values a person believes in and the behaviors a person should demonstrate. To define your culture with your team, you can brainstorm together. Provide your team with at least a week to think about the three most important qualities a person possesses or believes in [...]

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The Leader of One

Before a manager can make a difference with others – and make them deliver a desired experience to customers – he must first learn to lead himself. If you can’t lead yourself, then how can you expect to inspire others? I believe this is why there are so many would-be leaders and so few actual [...]

The Leader of One2014-04-18T18:46:22+00:00


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