LAS VEGAS, NV (January 7, 2014) – SGEi is pleased to announce its hire of Ricky Borja, who will join the team as the Vice President of Operations. Ricky will be responsible for overseeing hospitality opening and repositioning efforts, an integral part of SGEi’s consulting business. With over 100 projects completed, SGEi is recognized around the world for its expertise, passion and leadership in this field.

SGEi Founder Shane Green refers to Ricky as, “One of the hottest young commodities in hospitality,” because of his experience and business acumen. “We are excited and lucky to have someone like him on our team. He will be a tremendous asset for all of our global clients.” Ricky begins his SGEi journey with projects in China and Las Vegas.

Ricky Borja brings a broad spectrum of experience, ranging from executive-level positions in hotels and residential projects to expert consultations for modern luxury brands. Prior to joining SGEi in their new Las Vegas office, Ricky was the Hotel Manager at Canyons Resort in Utah and the Director of Hotel Operations for Station Casinos.

About SGEi: SGEi is a global consulting group that designs and develops cutting-edge learning experiences and service cultures. Specializing in the hospitality, retail and residential industries, the company was founded in 2001 by Shane Green, who spent years in the luxury hotel industry. Based in Las Vegas, NV, SGEi is currently working with clients in China, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and locally in the United States.

About Shane Green: From business strategy and culture design, to customized training and keynote speeches, Shane Green has established himself as an expert and leader in customer experience industries. Focusing on the internal mechanisms of an organization that inspire associates to want to deliver the desired customer experience, Shane and his team partner closely with ownership and management groups to evolve their thinking, methodology and deliverables.