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As we head into 2020, I’m sure you’re all excited and optimistic about improving the results of your team and organization. However, to achieve these things, there is often one thing getting in the way: ourselves. To be a leader who drives improved performance, we have to start by reflecting on our own habits and ability to harness the necessary energy to be a good leader — one who inspires the hearts and minds of others to be their best.

A leader must consider their physical and mental health first in order to inspire all the people in their lives. So, here are my top four tips to ensure a great start to your year.

Start your day right.

For many people, the sound of a blaring alarm clock is their welcome to a new day. Have you ever considered how the stress of being jolted awake affects your physical and mental health? Some researchers are forgoing their alarm clocks in an effort to fall into a more natural sleep cycle. Not all of us are able to remove an alarm from our routines completely, but I’ve found it helpful to replace my alarm with my favorite song or a nature sound.

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